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Huda Ershied

Huda Ershied is a Palestinian Artist & Interior Designer living in the United Arab Emirates.

Huda created her own Art Brand from scratch to daily practice her own passion for painting and Arabic calligraphy.

Walking around the city she lived in her whole life (Sharjah), searching for inspiration to start her journey, her camera lens got attracted mostly by natural and traditional heritage sights and objects.

Through time, lots of exploration and painting, she found herself flowly and unconsciously accumulating all of it together.

By simply conceptualizing the forms and shapes of the natural elements and heritage traditional stones’ shape and texture, harmonizing it with Arabic Islamic calligraphy in a modern contemporary abstract theme.

She has a creative process of balancing her work between simplicity and complexity, harmony and chaos, depth and surface. Her concept of art-making is about being free, authentic, and just imperfectly unique.

You can feel it through her brush strokes, marks, lines, and texture making.

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"Whenever i look for an inspiration, old places attracts me more,

it just have a soul."

Huda Ershied

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